Our vision:




Bringing the graceful and elegant clothes to who wants be different.With our knowledge and experiences and specially with handmade craft, we do this and engaging with our customers in this way.


"The Best idea, The Best handmade craft for the elegant people."




Farzaneh  Barazandeh born in Tehran in 1977 . She Grow up with two major fashion influence, Her Mother & Father were a dress and leather shoes maker in Tehran. Farzaneh went to work with her mother since 2004. She Graduated from Paya Fashion Design university and also she graduated from Azad University as a Psychologist.

When they started their own fashion line in Tehran in 2008, Farshad Barazandeh was right there by her side. They relied on each other for their advice about designs, and Farshad played an important role in orchestrating Fashion shows and advertising campaigns. Farshad Graduated in Azad University as IT engineer and also marketing.